Seeking God at this place of New Clairvaux, we are a community of Cistercian monks living the Rule of Saint Benedict. We witness God's love for the world according to the Gospel of Jesus Christ by a life of prayer, labor, and sustainable stewardship of our resources in a simplicity and openness to the signs of the times. Our monastery welcomes all people in the spirit of hospitality, and engages others in collaborative relationships.

Welcome Blog guests!  In this week's blog, our Fr. Thomas takes up for us the essential unity between Christ’s Baptism in the Jordan and our own:

"We more fully comprehend the Baptism of Christ and our own baptism as a magnificent and new revelation when they are viewed in conjunction with the baptism of John the Baptist.  John was sent by God to prepare for the arrival of Christ. His baptism was a call to conversion, that is, a turning away from sin and orienting oneself towards God by a good life style, living faithfully according to one’s responsibilities in life.

A Reflection by Fr. Paul Mark Schwan on the time of year:

January is upon us.  I have always experienced the month as the in-between month of the year.  The Christmas season is over, the new year has arrived and been celebrated, and what used to be labelled the January white sales that had a certain hype, certainly not like black Friday or cyber Tuesday but still generating some distracting excitement for the housewives of a bygone generation, have come and gone.

On January 15 we celebrate the memorial of Saints Maurus and Placid, disciples of St. Benedict. Our Fr. Placid comments on an event of his patron that is recorded in the Life of St. Benedict, written by St. Gregory the Great: the episode of St. Placid’s miraculous rescue from being drowned in a lake.

We all know celebrations, times of gathering with family and friends to rejoice together in blessings received.  Celebrating such events as births, weddings, anniversaries, victories or accomplishments is deeply human.  I invite you to take a moment to recall such celebratory moments in your own life.

Our Br. Peter Damian shares with us some thoughts on the Creation and the Redemption:

Inspired by the story of creation in the book of Genesis, I find the interesting topic of how God created man, and how this relates to God’s Redemption. I said to myself, "It would be unfair if I choose one aspect without relating it to the other." Here I would like to reflect on God’s Creation and Redemption: Which work is greater, Creation or Redemption?

Dear Blog Guests, Fr. Thomas comments for us on the meaning of the Immaculate Conception (which we will celebrate at the monastery on December 9 this year, since the traditional date of Dec. 8 falls on the 2nd Sunday of Advent):

In this week's blog our abbot Fr. Paul Mark explains for us Cistercian dedication to the Blessed Virgin Mary:

Did you know that already in the first century Christians were divided in their understanding of who Jesus Christ was?  Was Jesus divine or human and how could Jesus be both?  The Letters of John and Paul address these divisions. 

Fr. Paul Jerome shares his wisdom:


The abundant time I have for private and public prayer, to develop a personal relationship with our Heavenly Father, our Savior and their Holy Spirit, and with our Blessed Mother.  As well as the peace these relationships bring.


On September 8, 2019 our Bro. William made his solemn profession of lifetime vows as a Cistercian monk of New Clairvaux Abbey.  In this Blog he shares some of his spiritual preperation for this momentous decision:

Before I made my solemn profession I was on week retreat at the Mercy Sisters’ house in Auburn, CA.  The beautiful scenic and quiet environment was most conducive for a silent retreat, true silence that uplift and invades my spirit and soul. 

The first scripture passage was from Col. 1:9-