Br. William and Fr. Bernard in a golf cart in front of the vineyard

Br. Christopher speaks on God’ Delight: “Friends, I will ask a question- What delights God?

Oh, that would be YOU! God delights in Goodness, and He has filled YOU with goodness. You were made from the very Infinite Goodness of God Himself you know, and so your very being is good, radiant with God’s Glory. You say you don’t feel so very good? I understand. You see your faults, falls, failings, and sinfulness, right? In that case… God delights in helping you regain your goodness! So whether we do well or do poorly, we always have the opportunity to delight God, by rejoicing in His Help. Stay close to God in Jesus.”

God bless and keep you,

Your brothers of New Clairvaux

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