Large Cross at sunrise surrounded by trees

Alleluia! He is Risen! Alleluia!

Fr. Thomas speaks on Easter Glory: “The Solemnity of the Resurrection, Easter, offers us a different way to know Jesus Christ. One way of knowing Christ is in terms of images, mental reflections, speculations, and images. This approach is beneficial for imitation of Christ. Easter, on the other hand, with the focus on the Risen Christ now in glory at the right hand of the Father, is another and different way of knowing Christ. This latter way does not involve our five senses and mental imaginations. This Easter way understands grace working in us. We may not thoroughly understand nor be able to explain but we just know by intuition. Resurrection grace gives deepening love and a bonding with Christ. It causes us “to fall in love” with Christ. The Cistercian monk, William of St. Thierry teaches that persons form the image of the Lord God for themselves after their own manner: In the manner they pray, so does the God to whom they pray, appear to them. Our vision of Christ’s glory needs to include both imitation and bonding, that is, “falling in love”. I would like to call attention to this popular quote from Irenaeus of Lyons showing what God’s glory does to us. “The glory of God is a person fully alive; and a person’s life consists in beholding God.”

In Resurrection Joy,

Your brothers of New Clairvaux

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