Day Visits

Offering welcome and hospitality to guests is a fundamental aspect of our monastic tradition. We believe that all people who come to the monastery are endowed with the dignity and value of Children of God and are to be welcomed as Christ, as a gift sent to us by God. In the section below you will find ways of sharing in our contemplative space and prayer.  God bless you, we hope to see you soon!

Self-Guided Tours

The Church is open for self-guided tours Monday-Saturday from 2:30pm-5:00pm.

***The Church is closed all day Sunday, besides Mass at 10:30am and Vespers at 5:45pm, which are open to all.

The church, including Divine Offices and self-guided tours, is closed for holidays and retreats periodically throughout the year.  Mass remains open.  Please also refer to our closure dates below.

Day Visits To The Monastery

Many individuals who are interested in the monastery often ask if they are welcome to stop by the Abbey. If you find yourself in the area, know that you are welcome!

We do ask that you refrain from having picnics on the property so as not to disturb the contemplative atmosphere of the grounds. Please, no pets, registered service dogs only permitted.

During your visit we encourage you to stop by the following key places:

  • Welcome Center & Bookstore/Gift shop (Times may vary as monks schedule allows); Koi pond & St. Cecilia’s Chapel (located behind the Welcome Center)
  • New Clairvaux Vineyard Tasting Room (Open daily 11:00 am – 5:00 pm):  Learn More >
  • Abbey Church: Day visitors are welcome to attend at times as listed below (Note: Due to early hour Vigils is available for overnight retreatants only)

View Divine Office Hours

Monday through Saturday   
Vigils:  3:30 AM (retreatants only)
Lauds:  6:30 AM
Mass:  7 AM
Terce:  9 AM
Sext:  12 Noon
None:  2:05 PM
Vespers:  5:45 PM
Compline:  7:35 PM
Mass 10:30 AM
Vespers:  5:45 PM
The church, including Divine Offices and self-guided tours, is closed for holidays and retreats periodically throughout the year.  Mass remains open.  Please see below for our closure dates.
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2024 Church Closure Dates:

May 18
May 27
May 28
June 4

June 11
June 16
June 29
July 2
July 4
July 11
August 15

August 20
November 1
November 13-18
November 23
November 26
December 8
December 25
December 26

Directions from I-5

From Interstate 5 in Corning
Exit South Avenue (head east)
Turn left on Rowles Rd.
Turn left on 7th St, cross railroad tracks and look for the cross

Directions from Highway 99

Vina is located about 20 miles North of Chico and 20 miles South of Red Bluff.
Heading North: Take a left turn on Vina Road, after the Lassen Steakhouse.
Heading South: Take a right turn onto Vina Road, before the Lassen Steakhouse.
Vina Road will bend on the corner of Vina Elementary and turn into 7th Street.
Proceed on 7th Street and ahead you will see the White Cross, which marks the entrance to the Abbey.


May Day Visitors participate at the prayer services in the Abbey Church?

We invite you to participate in services conducted in the abbey church.  You are welcome to join the monastic community in the singing of the psalms, be we ask that you do so quietly and in unison with the monks.  The acoustics of the church can make even moderately loud singing in the visitor’s section a distraction for the monks in the choir.  We encourage visitors who are not Catholic to participate in church services to the extent they are comfortable.  We are only able to offer Holy Communion to those currently members of the Catholic Church.  Due to the early hour the prayer Office of Vigils (3:30 am) is open to overnight guests only.

Is there a place for guests’ personal prayer outside the Hours in the church?

St. Cecilia chapel is open at all times and you are invited to take advantage of the contemplative environment it offers.  The Blessed Sacrament is reserved in the tabernacle over the altar.  Please use the chapel rather than the Abbey Church for your personal prayer.  In addition, we offer a silent meditation room, located on the north side of the chapel.  We ask that you please remove your footwear upon entering the room.  In inclement weather feel free to place your shoes on the inside shelving located behind the meditation room door.

Do you have a gift shop? Is it possible to purchase items made by the monks?

The bookstore has a variety of books, gifts and cards. Taxes are already included in the purchase price. Payment by credit card or by check. On New Clairvaux Vineyard Wine Release Saturdays, please visit Br. William and the gift store kiosk in the winery tasting area. Cash is also accepted during the wine release event 

May we bring pets to the monastery?

We love pets, but are only able to allow accepted ADA-certified aid dogs on the monastery grounds.  Thank you for understanding.

Are picnics allowed?

In order to preserve the contemplative atmosphere for all our guests we do not allow picnicing on the grounds.  However, there are some nice sites for picnics just down the road from us we can recommend, such as Woodson Bridge State Recreational Area: and the Tehama County River Park:

Is there a dress code at the monastery?

We encourage you to wear modest and comfortable clothing during your stay.  Please refrain from any activities that could disrupt the prayerful environment.  Please, no sunbathing anywhere on monastery grounds.