Priest at altar with host and chalice

Br. Christopher continues our series on How the Eucharist has Touched My Life: “Some Christians are not sure they believe that Jesus is fully present in the Eucharist. This is understandable. Belief in the Real Presence goes beyond our natural power, it requires supernatural Grace. And God in His Infinite Goodness provides additional helps to our faith, such as miraculous signs (see John 20:24-31). One such sign occurred near 750 AD at Lanciano, Italy.
A priest there was experiencing great doubts about Christ’s Real Presence in the Eucharist. As he was celebrating Mass one day plagued by such doubts the host in his hands turned into flesh and the wine in the chalice into visible blood. One can still go to Lanciano today and see the miraculous host, which has been examined repeatedly by scientific experts. They have found that: 1. the host consists of real human flesh and the blood of real human blood, 2. the flesh is from the heart muscle, 3. there is no evidence of any preservatives or chemical agents. The scientist cannot explain it. But I can. It is a sign; Jesus wants us to know He is really with us through the Sacrament. This is but one of many Eucharistic Miracles that have continued even into our own 21st century.
It is He. Before the Consecration at the altar the bread and wine we bring are only a symbol for Jesus as the True Bread of Life. After the Consecration however, it is the bread and wine that are only symbolically present to the senses of touch and taste. The reality is Jesus in His Resurrected, Glorified state, the very same Jesus Who appeared to His Disciples in the Upper Room the evening of His Resurrection. The appearance of bread and wine are from then on only an icon, a placeholder, marking His Presence. At Mass He offers Himself to God in our sight, and then gives Himself and His Love to us in Holy Communion. If we are open to it, He unites us in a bond of Unity beyond any other as only God can do. Be no longer unbelieving but Believe!
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