Grey mountains overlook a pine forest and mountain lake

Br. William has a message derived from Psalm 65: “God our Savior, hope of the world wide world, you hold the mountains steady, calm the turmoil of the sea, You visit the earth and make it fruitful, you fill it with riches, the pasture of the desert grows moist, the meadows covered with flocks, valleys clothed with wheat.
God turned the whole world to humankind but the world is turned upside down by humankind.
In 1910 G. K. Chesterton wrote the book: “What’s Is Wrong with the World?” Today we are still asking the same question.
There are natural phenomena, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, tornadoes, oil spills.
Unfortunately, these catastrophes which could be avoided if we take the responsibility to protect, preserve, and use sustainable methods of caring for the good earth.
No more wars! Protest against despoilment of the natural environment.
Avoid greed and power. Enough is enough.
May all nations be glad and rejoice for God will guide the nations upon this earth.”
Peace be with you,

Your brothers of New Clairvaux
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