Our Sorrowful Mother at the foot of the Cross, holding the Crown of Thorns

Br. Christopher speaks on the lessons of Our Sorrowful Mother: On September 15 we commemorate Our Lady of Sorrows, Our Lady at the foot of the Cross. Just like at Cana in Galilee where through her Intercession water was made wine, so from her station at Calvary Our Lady intercedes for the salvation and good of all God’s children, the Queen and Model of all Intercessors. What lessons are there for us as Christians in our intercessory prayer for others?

First of all, from the foot of the Cross Our Lady looks at Christ and perceives HIS DIVINITY. She sees His Precious Blood as All-Powerful Grace, poured out limitlessly, unconditionally, and unmerited on the whole world. We also as intercessors must have faith and confidence of being able to draw on the Infinite Graces of Christ for others.

Secondly, Our Lady looks at Christ and HIS HUMANITY. She perceives in the brutalized Body of Her Son all the wounds, the poverty, the needs, the afflicted, and the dying of this world. Like Her, we also must not look away from the suffering of our brothers and sisters, however much we may be tempted to. Just looking will empower our compassion, our prayers and our sacrifices on their behalf.

Finally, we must remember that like Our Sorrowful Mother, we always have access to Jesus Crucified, especially at the Altar/Cross of the Holy Mass, where the Sacrifice of Jesus is truly present to us in real time.

My Our Dear Lady of Sorrows help us to be channels for the Mercy and Compassion of Her Son!

With Love in Our Lord and Lady of Calvary,
Your brothers of New Clairvaux

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