Monks working the grape harvest at New Clairvaux Abbey

Br. Peter Damian shares on the work of our hands: “It is with great excitement and enthusiasm that I would like to share with you the grape harvest season we have just begun. I’m sure you all share my enthusiasm as we look forward to the abundance and prosperity it will bring.

The grape harvest brings with it the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of our labors, and to come together as a community to pick grapes. As we begin the harvest, let us take a moment to reflect on all of the hard work and dedication that our brothers and workers have poured into our vineyards over the past few months. It is also a reminder for us from the teaching of the Rule of St. Benedict that when the monks live by the labor of their hands, as our fathers and the apostles did, then they are really monks.

monks working the grape harvest at New Clairvaux Abbey

The harvest is a time for joy and celebration. Let us come together to share stories, laughs, and memories, and to enjoy the bounty of the grape harvest.

May this grape harvest be one that brings us joy, prosperity, and abundance.”

Peace and Blessings,

Your brothers of New Clairvaux

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