Manual Labor



Welcome!  For over 900 years, Cistercian abbeys around the world are oases of prayer, work, beauty, silence and light - a place to dwell and delve deeper to the heart of Christ.  For us who make the Abbey of Our Lady of New Clairvaux our home, we invite you to come away a while and share in this oasis and we pray you carry with you that beauty, serenity and light you experience here back into our world.

Welcome to New Clairvaux

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old church demolition


Old church demolition is currently underway.  As a result, the monks will pray Terce (9 am), Sext (12 noon), and None (2 pm) privately and not in the new abbey church.  However, guest retreatants and visitors may join the monks for prayer for Vigils (3:30 am), Lauds (6:30 am), weekday Mass (7 am) and Vespers (5:45 pm).  We apologize for any inconvenience.  Regular prayer services will resume as soon as demolition is complete.

church open for tours

Our new abbey church is open for self-guided tours starting from 2:30 until 5 p.m.  Monday through Saturday.  Church is closed for tours on Sundays.  For guided tours, please contact our Development Department at 530-839-9936 or email

Weekday (mon-Sat) Schedule

3:30 am - Vigils followed by 20-minute meditation
6:30 am - Lauds
7:00 am - MASS
9:05 am - Terce
12 pm - Sext followed by 10-minute Examen and Angelus
2:05 pm - None
5:45 pm - Vespers
7:35 pm Compline

sunday schedule

3:30 am - Vigils
7:00 am - Lauds
10:30 am - MASS
5:45 pm - Vespers followed by Eucharistic Adoration and Benediction
7:35 pm - Compline