Marvelous Time

Marvelous Time

Allow me this moment of mirth and jocularity. When I see the liturgical term Ordinary time after Pentecost, it tickles my Funny Bone. Ordinary, for some people might mean, just common or unimportant. Considering the meanings and nuances that English words take on, I would like to see liturgists use a little more imagination. Instead of "Ordinary time after Pentecost" how about the "Marvelous time after Pentecost"?

Once the Divine notary, the Holy Spirit, stamps us with the Seal of baptism and the Seal of confirmation, can anything be just ordinary for us after that?

When I come to our morning Mass and join my brother priests and monks and our guests, I wait expectantly for the moment when the principal celebrant pronounces those sacred words: "This is my Body; This is my Blood". Whenever this happens it cannot be just an ordinary time, it is nothing short of divinely marvelous!
Furthermore, I know that within 10 minutes Jesus is going to feed me himself with all his spiritual energy to help me live my day for him.

And during the course this new day, whether it be pre Pentecost or post Pentecost, the Father is going to pour forth his love upon approximately 367,000 new souls, which he will place in the warm and cozy little mansion of a Mother's womb. He will also be gathering about 250,000 oldies and some youngies into his Everlasting Happy Holdings.

When you try to count up all the wonderful ontological consequences of our Father and Savior and Love's indwelling presence, and their forever treasuring our existence, it all continues to swing on the poetic hinges of this Marvelous Time even after Pentecost!