A following passage is from a Trappist monk of Gethsamane Abbey, it has the power to change our world...

KINDNESS        Of all the apostolates open to all of us … the most effective, the most far-reaching, the most consoling is kindness.

Kindness is one of God's best gifts to the world. It drives gloom and darkness from souls.

It puts hope into fainting hearts. It sweetens sorrow. It lessens pain. It discovers unsuspected beauties of human character.

It calls forth a response from all that is best in souls. It purifies, glorifies, and ennobles all that it touches.

It opens the floodgates of children's laughter. It gathers the tears of repentant love.

It lightens the burdens of weariness. It stops the torrent of angry passion. It takes the sting from failure.

It kindles courageous ambition. It lifts the unfortunate. It leads back the wayward. It walks in the steps of Our Savior.

Let us become apostles of kindness to partake of its sweetness, to aspire to its holiness. The apostolate of kindness is exalted; it is sublime; it is Christlike.