Creation and Redemption

Creation and Redemption

Our Br. Peter Damian shares with us some thoughts on the Creation and the Redemption:

Inspired by the story of creation in the book of Genesis, I find the interesting topic of how God created man, and how this relates to God’s Redemption. I said to myself, "It would be unfair if I choose one aspect without relating it to the other." Here I would like to reflect on God’s Creation and Redemption: Which work is greater, Creation or Redemption?

In the first creation, God created human beings in His image and likeness. In Redemption, Jesus Christ came and took human form to restore our human dignity. In the first creation, God placed man in Paradise. In the New creation, God gave us eternal happiness in His Kingdom of heaven. In the first creation, Adam disobeyed God’s command and was dismissed from Paradise and death entered the world. In the new creation, Christ the New Adam, obeyed the Father and came into the world to establish God’s Kingdom on earth and restored us to life. After the Fall of the first Adam, God gave the promised salvation. In Redemption, the New Adam, Christ fulfilled the promise of salvation.

In the first creation He gave me myself; but in His new creation He gave me Himself, and by that gift restored to me the self that I had lost. Created first and then restored, I owe Him myself twice over in return for myself. But what have I to offer Him for the gift of Himself?” asked St. Bernard, (On Loving God).

Without the Creation, there would be no Redemption. Without Redemption, the Creation would be incomplete. Out of love God created us and by love God redeemed us.