Br. Pierre's Wisdom

Br. Pierre's Wisdom

On May 5 our Br. Pierre completed his mission on earth and was called to his eternal Home.  I had the great honor of serving as Brother's caretaker these last few months.  At this time I wanted to post again some of the wisdom Br. Pierre shared with us before his passing:

WHAT I LOVE ABOUT BEING A MONK:  “To gradually realize the Love Jesus & His dear Mother Mary have for me personally; being with a community of men who strive to Love God and one another; the simple life of Prayer, Work, Lectio Divina- the simple life Jesus live for 30 years.

WHAT WOULD I TELL SOMEONE DISCERNING A VOCATION: “If you are called to monastic life your heart will be filled with great love, Joy & Peace, if you are faithful to live for Christ.  The self will die.  But you will bring many blessings and graces to your family, the world, to yourself and to the community.  It is essential to have a great devotion and commitment to Mary, the Mother of Jesus.

A SCRIPTURE OR SPIRITUAL READING PASSAGE THAT HAS MEANT A LOT TO YOU: “Jesus says, It was not you who chose Me, but I who choose you.”  Pope Benedict XVI says, “To be a Christian (monk) is to enter into an intensely personal friendship with Jesus.”

Prayers and Blessings,

Br. Christopher