Battling the Passions

Battling the Passions

Where do wars and conflicts among you come from? Do they not come from your passions that war within your members? (Jm. 4:1)

Reflection on James 4:1

Before any conflict becomes a reality in action, it had been something that had been gestating in the person(s) for some time. How long the gestation has been occurring is not an issue. That it had been, is.

Conflicts arise out of thoughts, a ‘stewing over’ of an incident, a word or event, to become a Passion, i.e., an addictive thought that keeps coming back.  However it develops, it grows into a full-blown Passion if not repulsed in some measure. Sometimes the reaction can be a one-time act, or a series of acts. 

Resisting a thought or passion takes: effort, discipline and humility. These three will arrest any conflict before they become thoughts, plans, and then put into action. They will not become repeated actions. 

--Fr. Placid Morris, OCSO