The Secret of Perseverence

The Secret of Perseverence

 I asked some of the brothers to answer the following question and thought you might be interested in what they had to say:


“Put another way: Why don’t I leave the monastery?  The secret is that God is good.  Seeking God is the only thing that makes sense; it’s the only thing that brings me true happiness.”

“There is no secret to perseverance.  It is a gift from God not to be taken for granted. 

I remember as a postulant an older brother commented in passing how important it is to pray to persevere in one’s vocational call.  I made note of this and began to pray for perseverance in my vocation daily.  I also recall from my early years in the monastery how often a senior monk, the oldest in age in the community, would frequently ask brothers to pray for his perseverance.  As a very young monk I often wondered where he could possibly go at age 80, crippled as he was by arthritis.  Today I realize his request for prayer was genuine and to persevere in the heart is what counts even if one’s body remains in the monastery.”

“Prayer is the way to persevere in one’s call.  Prayer is what opens me to desire to love God and is the anchor by which my perseverance is possible.”

“The secret, if there is one, is prayer.  Every day I re-consecrate myself to God at Mass at the Offertory.  That has helped me through difficult times on numerous occasions.”

“Growing in Love with Jesus and His Mother, all done in the Holy Spirit.”

“Probably everyone will say this: prayer!  Staying close to Our Lord and Lady, desiring to continue to draw closer to them, to God; this is the meaning and JOY of my life.  I renew my vows every day after Holy Communion.”