A Meditation on the Afterlife

A Meditation on the Afterlife

      Our eternal life begin now.  Do you recognize your approach to life in the below meditations?          

When you first arrived in Hell you took pleasure and satisfaction in tormenting those who “had messed with you” during your life on earth, but that thrill faded millennia ago.  Now the only one whose pain you care about is your own, because you feel as if the Rock of Gibraltar, a rock of bitterness, is on your back, crushing you into the ground so that you cannot breathe, cannot move.  Imagine the worst, most bone-sapping depression you ever felt, so depressed that you couldn’t manage the effort to get out of bed, and multiply it 1001000  X 1001000 and it still wouldn’t come close to what you feel now. You hate your life, and desperately, desperately, desperately wish that you didn’t exist, but death eludes you.  And the worst part is that you know that it is all your own doing, that you had countless chances to choose another path and would not, and that nothing will ever get even the slightest bit better. 

Heaven is just the opposite: your greatest joy when you first arrived, and it continues, was forgiving those who had done you harm in this life, and although they didn’t mean it so at the time you know that it all worked out for your good.  You love God in everything and everyone that you see, and everyone you see loves God in you, and you are constantly marveling and discovering new facets of beauty and goodness everywhere, exploring worlds within worlds within worlds.  You are constantly praising, rejoicing, blessing and thanking God and Jesus for saving you, snatching you out of the fire by forgiving you and teaching you to forgive others.  And the best part is you know that it will never end, you will forever be encountering, delighting and rejoicing in new vistas of love and beauty forever and ever.   

--Br. Christopher