Longing for Heavenly Home

Longing for Heavenly Home

Perhaps there are many things to long for in this life but there is one thing we long for and it never disappoints us:  That is our eternal home in heaven.  Longing for our heavenly home is not an issue we want to discuss, how we shall depart from this life.  It is not for us to decide.  God called us to be and to be present in this corporeal world for His glory, "For the glory of God is the living man" (Saint Irenaeus of Lyons).  It is God who will call us out of this life according to His will.  

Rather, longing for heavenly home is that while we are aware of living on earth, we set our longing toward our heavenly home.  We long for the heavenly kingdom because "our souls are restless until they rest in God" (Saint Augustine).  We acknowledge that this temporal world will pass away; the eternal life which God promised for us will be forever, everlasting, no end.

All Saints' Day, those holy ones who we remember and celebrate this November 1st, have longed for and have reached the eternal home.  In general, they are good models to reflect on their lives through their holiness and surpassing virtues.  They lived in response to God's grace given to them and they cooperated with God's grace in daily life since "grace does not coerce the will but co-operates with human willing" (Saint Clement of Alexandria).  They manifested the life of Christ by their faith, by their works and by their witness to God in their lifetime.  Rather through their lives we see how God worked mysteriously and each of them reflecting the unique characteristic of Christ's life.

Let us ask all the saints to intercede for us so that we may live faithfully in conformity to God's grace in every aspect of our life and someday we will join them in the Kingdom of Heaven which God has promised for us.

Reflection by Brother Peter Damien, OCSO