Easter Reflection

Easter Reflection

Who, we might ask, actually witnessed the moment when the soul of Jesus re-entered his body and escaped from the tomb? Certainly all the angels in heaven. And probably all the souls that Jesus had just that hour freed from the "prison" of Sheol.

But certainly not the soldier guards at the tomb. At the moment of the earthquake they scattered like frightened chickens when the Mighty Eagle soars overhead. They probably did not even see the angel pushing the stone from the entrance of the Tomb as they were, if you will pardon the change of symbols, doing their pre-dawn scared Jack Rabbit dash back into Jerusalem.

Jesus consoled and rewarded the faithful women first, and only  second to them, those apostles who were hiding in the cenacle with Peter and John. But Christian piety tells us that Jesus appeared first of all to his most faithful disciple, his own Blessed Mother. She, with deepest faith in his resurrection, was grieving and waiting and praying for the hour of his resurrection. Who can express that wondrous, intimate, awesome moment of their Reunion. It is beyond anyone's description and so the 4 evangelists and Christian piety say nothing about it.

And now, what does the resurrection of Jesus mean for me and my relationship with Jesus? Is that beyond my putting into words, and terms of love?  --From a homily by Fr. Paul Jerome