With Hearts Burning

With Hearts Burning

As we near the end of the Church's Easter Season, Br. William shares on a beloved Resurrection Gospel:

“A most beautiful and touching resurrection story is found from the Gospel of Luke Chapter 24 beginning from Verse 13.  This narrative of the appearance of Jesus on the Road to Emmaus is unique to the Gospel of Luke.  I would like to share a few words about this passage of the Gospel. Years ago, I read the book “With Hearts Burning” by Henri Nouwen. I was captivated by the contents of his book and the phrase “with hearts burning” occupies a special place in my heart. 

Back home in my parish in Singapore we had an “Emmaus upper room” that was used for the 24 hours Perpetual Adoration. The room was appropriately named as we were there to meet the Lord, with our hearts burning.

The disciples in the above episode were greatly distressed and saddened by the recent events of the crucifixion of their Lord and Master. They heard reports of Jesus resurrection, but sadly their hearts were closed and they did not understand the implications or what to believe. In their moments of despair however the Lord appeared and walk with them, and explained the scriptures to them. As a result with hearts burning they desire to hear more from Jesus and asked Him to stay with them.

We have Jesus walking with us every day at every moment. He is so intimately close to us who desire Him. He remains with us in the midst of our distractions and troubles. So we ask Him to stay with us, to open our eyes and mind and to love him with hearts burning.”



Cistercian monastic life gives primary place of chanting the Opus Dei or Divine Office in community as well as personal time spent in sacred reading which fulfill the monk's sacred duty of seeking God.


Cistercian monastic life allows rooms for guests because all guests are to be received as Christ.  We never know if we have entertained angels.

Life in Common

Cistercian monastic life is communal:  We share all things in common as did the early Christian community so as to live in greater charity and union with Christ.