The Greatest Day

The Greatest Day

May 12, 1974. 

Does that date mean anything to you?  Probably not; some of you reading this weren’t even born yet, and for others it was just another day, leaving no imprint on the recollection.

For me, it was the Greatest Day of my life.  It was the day of my baptism, at St. Rose of Lima parish in Santa Rosa, CA. 

It was a sunny day as I recall, a beautiful day really.  I was six months old.  Since I am a triplet my two sisters were also there in our white baptismal gowns.  As you can imagine there were a lot of people in the little baptistery chapel: our parents, the grandparents, three sets of god-parents, and other relatives.  Fr. Thomas Gowling, a young red headed priest from Ireland was the minister (God bless him forever!) 

You should have seen Jesus, He was SO HAPPY, as his priest placed these three little babies in his arms straight from the baptismal fount; He was beaming!  We really should have got a picture.  At that moment we were adopted into His Family, and He made the most solemn commitment to protect us, raise us and save us, even at the cost of all His own blood.  May I never place any obstacles to His great work! 

So ,what about you?  I encourage everyone to know and celebrate the day of your baptism (it’s on your certificate).  Get out the photo album (digital or otherwise), go out to dinner (if possible), have cake and ice cream:  It was the Greatest Day of your life!   



Cistercian monastic life gives primary place of chanting the Opus Dei or Divine Office in community as well as personal time spent in sacred reading which fulfill the monk's sacred duty of seeking God.


Cistercian monastic life allows rooms for guests because all guests are to be received as Christ.  We never know if we have entertained angels.

Life in Common

Cistercian monastic life is communal:  We share all things in common as did the early Christian community so as to live in greater charity and union with Christ.